We grow your business in Europe

  • Management for turnaround

Our Success

Our clients have seen significant sales conversion rates from suspect to qualified prospect to satisfied customer; many have experienced the largest deal in their corporate history. Examples of results we have achieved are

  • $2.3M in new revenues within 24 months
  • Closed deals with 3 global accounts within 24 months
  • Generated 3 global alliances within the Fortune 500
  • The people we recruited or repositioned reached significant success in their career.


Our Service

We have experienced mergers, acquisitions and organic growth. The right strategy needs careful consideration of all aspects - costs, ROI, speed to market, etc. - but the most important one is people.

Too many mergers don’t succeed because the mindset and the values of the two companies are miles apart. In the end, even when you expend a lot of time and energy, you still may lose your best talent.

Added Value Management works with you to identify these critical risk factors and quickly and pro-actively address these differences, minimizing the challenges and optimizing the opportunities.

We will oversee the management of your business unit by:

  • Identifying market opportunities
  • Closing the gap between lead and customer
  • Assessing each individual potential and coaching them to fully represent and sell your vision and mission within mutually agreed-upon targeted opportunities
  • Partnering successfully with other managers and employees within an international environment, creating a better global organization

Our Approach

For turn around assignments, we start by performing research on your:

  • People: we find out how good the team in place is: how do they interact, who are the savvy ones, the opiniated ones, the thinkers, the doers and the passengers?
  • Customers : understand both the success stories and the times when the company didn’t live up to expectations.
  • Sales : it is critical to understand the lead flow and the deal flow. Understanding where the company is in terms of quality of pipeline and the competition is essential to identifying solutions for greater sales results
  • Marketing : alignment with sales is critical to success. We identify how well these departments are working together and if the lead flow is consistent in quality and quantity
  • Markets : we identify segment opportunities
  • Distribution channel : we identify value add partners, resellers, OEM, etc.

This assessment enables us to formulate business strategies including:

  • Market opportunities
  • Marketing, advertising and promotion planning
  • Sales organization planning and development, improving
    • Qualification of opportunities in time and size
    • Sales intelligence to increase market acceptance and accelerate closing
    • Quality and focus of sales force, to drive the process and close deals
  • Distribution and alliances development
  • Product/Service alignment to customer and market needs, and creating new solutions for new segments

We’ll then manage the execution of each of these plans, in close cooperation with your corporate staff.