We grow your business in Europe

  • Being succesful in new markets

Our Success

Our clients have seen significant sales conversion rates from lead to satisfied customer. In fact, many have experienced the largest deal in their corporate history. Examples of results we have achieved are

  • Grew turnover from 0 to $7M in Western Europe within 2 years.
  • ROI and profitability within 2 years
  • $2.3M of new revenues in UK within 2 years
  • Closed deals with 5 major European accounts within 1 year
  • Opened 3 Global alliances within 18 months
  • Entered new industries (from Healthcare to Finance, for example)
  • New go-to-market stratégies (from Microsoft Outlook to IBM Lotus Notes, for example)

Our Service

To help you to reach your P&L objectives, you must be able to design effective go-to-market stratégies (enhance existing strategies or create new ones) to launch new products, enter new territories and develop new market segments.

Added Value Management will help you create the right go-to-market plan. Our knowledge of the European market and our understanding of technology enable us to work with you to:

  • Build a list of potential key accounts and service partners for targeted vertical markets
  • Present your solution in order to assess market readiness and potential
  • Segment markets and size specific products or services opportunities
  • Define unique value propositions
  • Identify value-added software products that address mission-critical market needs
  • Develop your European business deployment plan and approach
  • Create a 2 year P&L template

Our Approach

We focus on market and sales intelligence based on conversations with people who represent potential buyers or partners. As a result, you will improve speed to market and increase sales.

Market Intelligence

We help you determine levels of traction and adapt your message and solutions to EMEA markets through:

  • Market Analysis and Reporting: identify market acceptance information
  • Competitive Research: determine your direct and key indirect competitors and identify key attributes of your offering
  • Messaging/Positioning Analysis: analyze and determine the right sales-ready messaging to help your company and product/services stand out

Sales Intelligence

As opposed to market intelligence, which is more global in nature, sales intelligence focuses on specific market segments. This includes:

Account Profiles:

Prospect qualification: the five key questions which require a YES to pursue the lead

Customized business models to speed closing and increase revenues: pricing, sales methodology, elevator pitch, presentation tools, demos, pre-sales & professional services support, etc.

Competitive Analysis: Comprehensive profiles of your competition that will help position your company, develop competitive products/services, or find your next employee.

Customized Prospect List Development : This gives your sales and marketing departments lists that are immediately actionable.