We grow your business in Europe

  • Sales & marketing acceleration

Case 1 : Making a sales force more effective

  • Seebeyond : integration technology www.seebeyond.com

    The Challenge : Build a sales and marketing organisation capable of generating $4M revenues per quarter in Southern Europe.
    Develop and implement sales strategies designed to grow the business in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece as well as motivate and lead a sales and marketing team in France and Benelux

    • Within 6 months increased license revenues from 1.8 M$ to 5 M$.
    • Within 12 months, closed deals with 5 major European accounts.
    • Within 10 months, generated $2.4M in Italy.
    • Managed market planning sessions to identify the potential, differentiators, and competition per segment.
    • Developed a lead generation force through direct marketing and alliances.
    • Helped the sales team to identify prospects needs, focus on closable deals and close deals.

Case 2 : increasing sales force success with alliances

  • Peoplecube : optimising space utilisation solution www.peoplecube.com

    The Challenge : Peoplecube core solution was almost exclusively sold directly.

    • 1 global alliance contract
    • 2 global alliances started
    Several UK partners generated more than $1M and opened global perspectives
  • Identified several partners' profiles to speed up go-to-market:

    • -VAR selling services using Peoplecube's product as a value-add to their core business
    • -Service partners integrating Peoplecube products.

    Helped partners win several contracts using Peoplecube's solution.