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  • Management for turnaround

Case 9 : Acquisition of two companies

  • Diagram :
    solution for mid and back office operations; now www.reuters.com  - Diagram bought 2 companies in Belgium producing a 2 different back office solution for insurance companies.

    The Challenge : The company wanted to

    • develop a solution for the European market and
    • start selling and implementing Diagram’s core products in Benelux (mid- and back-office software for capital market institutions)
  • Reduced costs by consolidating European insurance back-office package development.
    Obtained financial support from existing customers to move to new Platform, and reduced specific contractual commitments not in line with the new development.
    Set up a Benelux operation for the distribution of back office software.

    • Took full P&L responsibility and manage all business funcions (Sales, Marketing, Development, IT, Finance, HR) (50 employees).
    • Merge the two companies' functional teams into one team to produce one single solution on a new platform.
    • Developed partnership with Oracle to help build the new platform and accelerate market penetration.

Case 10 : Turnaround of the UK subsidiary

  • Peoplecube : optimising space utilisation solution www.peoplecube.com

    The Challenge : Peoplecube bought a company in the UK for a different business than the US core business. Half a dozen people remained from a once larger company of more than 100 people.

    • $2.3M new revenues within 24 months
    • Closed 2 global accounts within 24 months each generating $1M
    • Build 2 global alliances within 18 months
    • Focused on generating revenues for Peoplecube core business: Resource Scheduler.
    • Identified a new niche for Peoplecube solution in the IBM world and helped build it.
    • Identified partners to help sell and successfully implement the solution into several institutions in the UK.
    • Created, developed and managed all business functions (Sales, Marketing, Consultancy, Administration, IT, Finance, HR) with full P&L responsibility.