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  • Gobal Business development

Case 3 : Developing an alliance team in EMEA

  • Seebeyond - integration technology www.seebeyond.com

    The Challenge :Set up a new organizational structure to create innovative ‘go to market’ program through services partners contributing to increased penetration in EMEA.

  • More than $8M in revenues generated through partners within 15 months

    • We introduced Seebeyond to SWIFT Ready Gold program, which became key to gaining new global financial accounts such as BNP, KBC, IMI, UBS and WestLB.
    • We started Accenture, Capco, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, EDS and Price Waterhouse Coopers partnerships in Europe generating new accounts such as AXA, Clearstream, FNAC and Winterthur.
    • Set up a team of 5 Alliance directors, each focused on a country and a global partner.
    • Developed a tight link with product management to align the product with partner's expectations.

Case 4 : Entering new market niches

  • Peoplecube : selling Resource Scheduler, an optimising space utilisation solution www.peoplecube.com

    The Challenge : Resource Scheduler was integrated with MSN Outlook Exchange where competition was strong.

  • More than $2M in new revenues within 18 months

    • Start up a global partnership with IBM software
    • Identified two new niches for Resource Scheduler in the IBM world :
      • Major corporate accounts in EMEA were still Lotus Notes based
      • Key Facility Management services providers were using Maximo to support their operations
    • Identified a UK partner specializing in Lotus Notes development to help develop the integration.
    • Sold a project to new customers to fund the development.
    • Managed the production and successful implementation of the 2 solutions.
    • We initiated a partnership with IBM Global Services, promoting the solution to the IBM sales force in Assets Management.

Case 5 : Accelerating sales through indirect sales

  • Peoplecube : optimising space utilisation solution www.peoplecube.com

    The Challenge : Peoplecube core solution was almost exclusively sold direct

    • 1 Global alliance contract
    • 2 global alliance started
    • Several UK partners generated more than 1 Mn $ some and opened global perspectives.
    • We identified several partners profiles to speed up go to market:
      • VAR selling services using Peoplecube product as a value add to their core business
      • Service partners integrating peoplecube products.
    • We helped partners win several contracts using Peoplecube solution.