We grow your business in Europe

  • Being succesful in new markets

Case 6 : Accessing new market niches

  • Peoplecube : optimising space utilisation solution www.peoplecube.com

    The Challenge : The Peoplecube solution was integrated with MSN Outlook Exchange, where competition was strong.

  • More than $2.4M new revenues within 18 months

    •   Start-up of a global partnership with IBM software
    •   Integration with two new global solutions widely used within Fortune 500 global companies
    • Identified two new niches for Peoplecube solution in the IBM world:
      • Major corporate accounts in EMEA were still Lotus Notes based
      • Key Facility Management services provider were using Maximo to support their operations
    • Identified a UK partner specialised in Lotus Notes developments to help develop the integration.
    • Sold a project to new customers to fund the development.
    • Managed the production and successful implementation of the 2 solutions.
    • Initiated a partnership with IBM Global Services promoting the solution to the IBM sales force in Assets management.

Case 7 : Accessing new countries and industries

  • Seebeyond : Software Technologies Corporation (STC) - integration technology www.seebeyond.com

    The Challenge : STC had no official representation in Western Europe. One hospital was using the product in Luxembourg, and the company wanted to establish local operations to sell and implement the products in Finance and Retail industries.

  • Within 2 years, grew revenues from 0 to $8.4M, with 10 Employees.

    ROI and profitability within 2 years.

    • Focused on generating revenues within STC’s niche market (Health Care).
    • Identified a niche for STC products in Capital Market and helped build the solution.
    • Recruited talented consultant to help sell and successfully implement the solution into several financial institutions in Western Europe.
    • Created, developed and managed all business functions (Sales, Marketing, Consultancy, Administration, IT, Finance, HR) with full P&L responsibility.

Case 8 : Accessing new industry

  • Seebeyond - integration technology www.seebeyond.com

    The Challenge : Set up a new organizational structure to create innovative ‘go to market’ programmes through services partners, contributing to increased penetration in EMEA.

  • Seebeyond obtained SWIFT Ready Gold certification which became the key to gaining new global accounts such as BNP, Clearstream, KBC, IMI, UBS and WestLB.

    • Identified a new niche market to use Seebeyond’s integration solution to generate SWIFT messages.
    • Developed a tight link with product management to align the product with SWIFT expectations and recruited a SWIFT expert.
    • Managed a global team to gain SWIFT certifications for Seebeyond’s solution.
    • Developed programs with Accenture, Cap Gemini, EDS and Price Waterhouse Coopers to leverage credibility and extend our services capabilities.